More than 130,000 immigrants have gained permanent residence in Canada through the Manitoba Provincial Nomination program (MPNP). The Manitoba province would continue to increase the number of immigrants in the forthcoming year. The different MPNP streams that exist now include:

  • Skilled Workers Overseas Stream
  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream
  • International education stream
  • Business Investor Stream

Due to the immense interest this program garners the application process is extremely competitive. One certainly can’t afford to have their life’s dream jolted due to incorrectly filled and submitted paper work. The Canadian Visas Immigration has high experience of successful cases helping you to have smooth immigration process throughout the journey.

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Skilled Workers overseas stream

The foreign individuals planning to migrate to Canada have several options to migrate to Canada if they successfully adhere to certain conditions. If the individual have a close relative or friends/ distant relatives in Manitoba province, the individual would qualify for the Manitoba support stream. The individuals who have previously worked in Manitoba can also become eligible for immigration. The individuals obtaining points from the Manitoba stream can use it for the Express Entry

Skilled workers in Manitoba stream

The Manitoba work experience pathway and employer direct recruitment pathway are the two skilled workers pathway in Manitoba stream that are currently present under the skilled workers in Manitoba stream. The Manitoba Work Experience Pathway of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) will target skilled temporary workers in Manitoba who wish to settle in Manitoba as permanent residents. If you are currently working in Manitoba with a temporary work permit or Post-Graduation Work Permit, the Manitoba Work Experience Pathway could be your route to Canadian permanent resident status. The employer direct recruitment pathway has not been launched yet but would be launched soon.

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International Education Stream

The international education stream helps the international students of Manitoba province to achieve permanent residency in fast track. The different pathways include:

  • Career Employment Pathway
  • Graduate Internship Pathway
  • Student Entrepreneur Pathway

Both the career focused and entrepreneur focused international students in Manitoba have the option of permanent residence through these pathways. Along with graduating from a Manitoban approved educational institution, there also exists other essential conditions that make an individual eligible for the pathway.

Business Investor Stream

While those wishing to purchase or start a new business in Manitoba can use the Business pathway, there is Farm Investor pathway for those interested in investing in Farming business.

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