Permanent Residence for students in Canada



Many international students opt to stay in Canada, even after completing their studies. There are many pathways provided by the government for the permanent residence of international students in Canada. The easiest of them is post-graduation work permit. A post-graduation work permit is not a direct permanent residence program. This program allows most international students to stay for up to 3 years in open work permit and work for any Canadian organization of their choice.

The different pathways include

To know Your eligibility for Permanent Residence In Canada:

Canadian Express Class (CEC)

The standard route for the international students that lead to permanent residence in Canada is the Canadian Express Class (CEC). The program allows the individuals with at-least 1 year of experience continuous full time experience in Canada to gain the permanent residency. The other factors that affect the CEC include the age, language proficiency, educational qualifications and skills of the applying individual.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled worker program (FSW) counts the international experience of an individual towards the permanent residency program in Canada. The FSW is a merit based immigration program that uses point based Comprehensive ranking system to rank the candidates against one another, and inviting only the competent profile for permanent residency.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Federal skilled Trades program allows skilled workers with experience in selected trades to gain permanent residence in Canada. The applicant must have full time experience in one of the groups in Canada’s National Occupation classification list. There are also other essential requirements along with experience that help the migration.

Provisional Nominee Program

Each of Canada’s provinces and territories operate their own immigration rules called Provisional Nominee Program (PNP). Every PNP works differently because each province has its own requirements and demands. Often the individual’s education and work experience in the province can benefit in the PNP program.

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